Thursday, October 16, 2014

Forty Two Weeks with Chicken Nugget

Maggie 42 weeks

This was a busy week for Maggie with visitors in from the UK who kept her busy, happy and giggling. She did great with a wonky schedule and even experienced her first visit to Mount Rainier. I can't wait to take a family weekend trip up there next Summer. Maggie was a champ for the long car ride and only lost it near dinner time but after a stop in Tacoma to fuel up, she was back to her happy self.


Maggie decided this past week that she only eats the same kinds of food that I'm eating. If we were out having Mexican food, she was pissed when I offered her beans and rice but was thrilled when she was able to have some of my burrito. I guess her two little bottom teeth can really make a dent!


Maggie still isn't taking any independent steps but she walks all over the place while holding onto one of my fingers. She just needs to gain a bit of confidence and then she'll be toddling all over the place. Until then she is like lightening with her crawling. 


Friday, October 10, 2014

Forty One Weeks with Chicken Nugget

Maggie - 41 weeks

The weeks are flying by and soon you'll be a year old. I remember this time last year being so exhausted but compared to this year, it was nothing! Maggie is such a funny kid. She loves blowing raspberries and scrunching up her face. She's so close to walking but just doesn't have the confidence yet. 


Maggie's smiles keep all of us in giggles. She's just so darn happy all the time. She also an apple thief! I've tried eating an apple every day in the past week and she's stolen them all to nibble at them like a squirrel. It's adorable. Sleep is still only OK. I'm working on getting her onto a firmer nap schedule which I hope will help her nighttime sleep. I'd really like to help her sleep completely through the night and have her stop coming to our bed at 2 a.m. It's crowded in there! 

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Forty Weeks with Chicken Nugget


Somewhere along the way, Maggie became quite the character. She cracks herself up and loves to toddle around the house. She's not quite walking but she's getting really good at standing up on her own. She moves fast too and loves climbing the three stairs up to our bedroom. 


Maggie had her 9 month check-up and got her flu shot. The look of betrayal on her face was priceless. She got her first taste of donut though because in this house if you get a shot, you get a donut. Except I feel like 9 months is a bit early for sugary donuts so I let her have a bite off my pumpkin cake donut before feeding her some fruit. It's all about compromises. 


Maggie is LOVING daycare on Thursdays and has learned how to turn on the waterworks once she spots me. Such a little stinker! I spied on her last week and she was happy, happy, happy. Then I popped my head in and she started wailing. Her daycare provider and I started giggling because we know that ploy! All in all, Maggie is doing awesome and I promise to post her 9 month letter soon. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thirty Eight and Thirty Nine Weeks with Chicken Nugget

Maggie - 38 Weeks

Somehow last week slipped away before I could get my weekly blog post about Maggie done. I did however get a photo done! It has been extremely busy around here. Molly started Co-Op Preschool again. We've been working to get my Mom settled into her new Assisted Living and Maggie has been practicing so many skills. 

Maggie - 39 Weeks

You'll notice that the chair is in a new place for Maggie's 39 week photo. We re-arranged the living room today and it finally feels right! This means a new location for weekly photos though.


Maggie is eating more and more "real" food on a daily basis. She's packing it away too. In fact, tonight she had two pouches, a 1/4 cup of veggies, a 1/4 cup of sweet potatoes, a 1/4 cup of cheerios and 4 ounces of formula for dinner. I fully expect her to wake up a giant!


Maggie has also almost conquered standing on her own. She's gets so excited though and tends to fall down. She's getting so close to walking. It's exciting and scary. 


We've been having a few sleep battles around these parts too. In fact, last weekend, my lovely children woke up at 4:45 a.m. which is such an ungodly hour. I stumbled around and when Scott got up at 8 a.m. (he was throughly confused by the silence and the late hour), he found the three of us asleep on the couch in a pile. I will do anything for a few extra moments of sleep. 

Monday, September 08, 2014

Thirty Seven Weeks with Chicken Nugget

Maggie - 37 Weeks

Maggie is growing so fast. She's nearly walking on her own and started talking this week. She says Muuuuummmmmm, Mummmm, Mummm and Daaaaaaa, Daaaaaaa, Daaaa and sometimes Baaaaa Baaaaa. I also forgot to mention but she got her first two a few weeks ago and is now getting her second. Go Teeth!


We had another busy week (I feel like I say this every week) but it has been busy around here. We moved my Mom this weekend into her new place. Maggie and Molly were champions about the long day and enjoyed exploring my Mom's new place. 


Maggie's been having a rough time with consistent naps and good night time sleep. I know a lot it has to do with our crazy schedule right now. I'm trying hard to give her the space and time she needs for good naps. We'll get there. I know we will. 


Maggie is now eating more and more finger food. I finally remembered mixed frozen vegetables. She loves them along with beans and all the fruit she can consume. Maggie is like her sister and loves food. I'm happy that they are both pretty good about food. They aren't too picky though I'm still watching and waiting for it.