Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Wednesday Links from Around The Web 4.16.2014


Take Time to Give those littles LOTS OF LOVE!

Putting Your Garden to Work For You

Maple Nut Granola - Putting this on my Sunday prep list!

The Best Treats to Bring to Your Co-Workers

Muesli Snacking Cookies

Options of Non-Plastic Kitchen Storage Great suggestions!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sixteen Weeks with Chicken Nugget

Maggie - 16 Weeks

Time is flying by and Maggie is getting bigger and bigger each day. She can now reliably hold her head up and when you put her down for tummy time, she quickly rolls over. She giggles all the time! In fact, sometimes she gets herself going and can't stop laughing so she can eat because bottles are hilarious! 


This week started out with a playdate with Thurston. He came to play with Molly but is so enamored with Maggie. They had some fun playing on the activity mat before Molly demanded that he play with her.


This week has also featured lots of cuddle time with Big Sister, Molly!


Maggie also had her first carousel ride at the Zoo. Molly, as usual, LOVED it. Maggie was 'Eh, that was OK.


This week was also Maggie's first time in a swing. She was not amused and lasted about 3.2 seconds. Maybe next time she'll like it more.


We are closing in on four months with Mag-Pie. I'm preparing myself for the 4 month sleep regression but getting excited about more fun times with Maggie. Her little personality is really starting to shine through!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Fifteen Weeks with Chicken Nugget


It was a cranky week around our house. We started potty training with Molly (and have subsequently taken a break) which was really stressful for everyone. Poor Maggie did not know what was going on around her usually happy house. We did end the week on a high note with a dinner playdate with one of Scott's co-workers and his new little baby girl. As you can tell, Maggie and her really whooped it up!


Maggie displayed some of her hilarious sleeping skills this week by falling asleep during floor time. I put her down on her tummy and then turned away to get something for Molly. I looked back and Maggie was on her back, sound asleep. Already taking after her big sister who used to pass out on the floor all the time.


I finally broke out the whale tub for Maggie. I've been just taking baths with her but she needed a bath and I didn't so I got out the tub. She did not like it very much but hey, she's now clean and smells good! Scott and I were laughing at the difference in how we bathed Molly and how we bath Maggie. It was a BIG DEAL with Molly and something we did every other night as part of our bedtime routine. Maggie gets bathed when I remember (or she smells) and it happens at any time of the day. Poor second child!


Maggie is getting so big! I weighed her and she is closing on a hearty 14 pounds. She holds her head up all by herself and is almost sitting up on her own. She's so close and she really wants to sit up. There is lots of work going into sitting up on her own. She'll get there.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The Wednesday Links from Around The Web 4.2.2014


Kid President's Letter to Babies on Their First Day on Earth This is awesome and sweet!

How The World's Most Brilliant Scheduled Their Days Fascinating stuff!

From One Second to The Next  This is a good reminder to us all to put down that phone and drive

For the Knitters: How and Why to Block Your Knitted Goods

Iowa Girl Eats visits Seattle and I discover a few new restaurants in my hometown!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday Food Prep


Almost every Sunday, I take an hour or two to prep our food for the week. With two littles in the house, I have to plan ahead at every opportunity. I finalized our April Meal plan last week so I have a clear idea of what we are going to eat each week.  


I start with a list of what I need to prep for the week. This can be sauces for dinners, bringing up meat from the basement freezer, making lunches for Molly and/or snacks, etc. I also like to make breakfasts in advance. I've been making a lot of Oatmeal Muffins


I also like to roast veggies and cut up fruit for the week. This way I can pull together salads and snacks easily. I usually make a dozen hard boiled eggs but I forgot to buy extra this week so no eggs. It's good to take a break from eggs sometimes too. Prepping fruits and veggies helps me eat less junk and more healthy stuff.


I usually make up snack packs for Molly. We tend to head out in the morning for some sort of activity and it is nice to be able to grab a snack pack already made up with delicious goodies. I didn't do any this week as we are going to be hanging out at home most of the week, meeting some milestones. 

What do you do to prepare for the week? What are your tips for smooth meal prep?